Welcome to Association of Indian Institutes of Technology Alumni, Canada

IFI program (IITians for IITians) is a platform for all members of IIT Alumni of Canada and their friends. The program is run by enthusiastic volunteers. Those who are new to Canada will find help through mentorship. 

The current theme is: entrepreneurship


The strategic intent of the IFI program is build a network of alliance partnerships with the industry, academia, incubators, accelerators and not-for-profits in order to create collaborative mind-share for the IIT Alumni in Canada. For example, the current theme, 'entrepreneurship series' is being driven with support from the City of Markham, MI-100, incubators and Academic Institutions.


IFI also stands for IITians and Friends of IITians. Members of IIT Alumni along with 'Friends of IITians' with common interests are encouraged to form special interest groups (SIG). Examples of such groups are: Sports, Hobbies, Students, Sr. Citizens etc. or by Profession (horizontal and vertical) such as: Marketing, Energy, Information Technology etc.

There is also a page for "Market Place' where you may like to post your interests in buying, selling and renting.


Please reach out to VP-IFI at this email address: raju.goteti@gmail.com in order to build your SIG.

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