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IFI - IITians for IITians

IFI (IITians for IITians) is a program carried out by the IITAC. The programs works by identifying mentors - the IITians who are in a position to provide help - and mentees - the IITians who need help - and matching the two to work together. The help could be in the form of networking, job leads, information and help required in settling down at a new place or any other such matters.

The Vice President - IFI - along with the other executives and members of IITAC oversees activities of IFI. The current IFI Team consists of VP - IFI Vishwas Dhekney (vdhekney@gmail.com).

IITAC members are encouraged to identify themselves as mentors or mentees  in their membership profile. If you intend to register as an IITAC member and you wish to be a mentor or a mentee please sednd and email to VP-IFI.  IFI facilitates coordination of the mentors and mentees on individual basis as well as organizing gatherings of all the mentors and mentees.

IFI program was started in IITAC as far back as in the year 2002. Since that time IFI initiative has helped many fellow IITians in securing jobs, settle in Canada, specially around Greater Toronto Area and many other areas. IFI plans to gather and place the experiences of mentees and mentors on this web site soon. PAN IIT is also initiating a similar program. 



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